Online Pontoon Gives you the Edge

Everyone gets a thrill from reading the cards right and placing winning bets, which is why classic card games like blackjack and poker are so popular in casinos, whether online or the real-world variety.

For some reason, pontoon, which is a variation of blackjack with slightly different rules, is not as well known. After all, when last did you see a big movie climax set in a casino that hinged on a high-stakes pontoon hand? If the dealer also has blackjack, players already holding blackjack do not win. In most variations of pontoon, on the other hand, the dealer does not show a card; the dealer’s cards remain face down until all players have played their hands.

Players who score a “natural” pontoon, an ace and a 10-value card, are paid out immediately, and the dealer will only then flip the house’s cards (or flip the house’s first card and take a second, in some versions). Even if the dealer also scores a natural pontoon, winning players have already been paid out. It is this advantage of online pontoon that makes the game attractive to serious players.Nevertheless, people who enjoy online casino games would do well to learn more about online pontoon, as many versions of the game actually give experienced players more of an edge than blackjack. For example, in most online blackjack games for real money the dealer draws one card face-up. If this card is an ace, a picture card or a 10, no matter what hands the players hold (even blackjack), the dealer still plays their second card.

Play Anytime, Anywhere or Even for Free

One of the things that make online casinos so popular is the easy access to them. Smart phones, tablets, desktops, laptops; as long as you have an Internet connection, any device will connect you to your favourite online casino games in seconds.

Serious online pontoon players might even register on multiple sites, to take the fullest advantage of the free bonuses casinos provide. These are promotional incentives, which players almost always receive as welcome gifts when they register, and which casinos also offer frequently to regular players, to let them try out specific games or new releases.

These bonuses will come with terms and conditions that you need to read carefully, but free bets on online pontoon are an opportunity to start winning even before you risk your own bankroll. If you download several mobile casino apps to your smart phone, you’ll be able to enjoy a few hands of online pontoon whenever the mood takes you, from almost anywhere, while playing at the mobile casino that offers you the best deal of the day.

Play Smart and Play for Longer

A great advantage online pontoon has over the real-life version is the lack of crowding. Any experienced player knows that the number of players pitted against the dealer, and the skill with which they play, has a definite effect on the outcome of pontoon.

One novice who doesn’t know how to bet the odds properly can kill a table for everyone playing at it, so crowded tables and slow, inexperienced players are to be avoided. The solo nature of online pontoon renders this irritation obsolete; it’s just you against the dealer. That’s a recipe that gives online pontoon fans hours of casino entertainment, whenever they choose to log on.